Corner Market Capital Corporation (CMC) is a privately held company that actively searches for quality business investment opportunities.  CMC provides management services to The MPIC Fund I, LP, a U.S. investment partnership.  

Through a disciplined and ethical business philosophy, CMC ensures a high return on invested capital to shareholders utilizing a deep-discount, margin of safety approach to security analysis.  We take our lessons from the likes of Ben Graham, Warren Buffett & Prem Watsa, not Wall Street.

The name "Corner Market Capital Corporation" comes from the fact, that almost every neighbourhood in North America has a small "Mom & Pop" shop, which local residents frequent for daily necessities.  

These small enterprises sustain entire families and sometimes have existed in their neighbourhoods for decades.  Small entrepreneurial businesses, where the owner focuses on a single idea, and knows their business inside and out.  

It is small, quality, private and public businesses that we are interested in, where their management hold a significant stake in the company.  More importantly, they are emotionally invested and have run their business in an ethical fashion.